Many publishers try to or do outsource some minor productions abroad, such as creating ePub-files, PDF to XML convertion, clipping images etc. (Outsourcing 1.0). Right now we are outsourcing entire Page-layout and Crossmedia productions, as we call "Outsourcing 2.0".

On Wednesday the 25th, CSi's co-founder and CEO Remco van den Hout, will give a keynote about the savings, posibilities and challenges of Outsourcing 2.0 by facilitating WoodWing's Smart Connection Enterprise 7.0 for publishers. Years of experience, strong partnerships with colorscan B.V. and iDeaLogic, mixed with an unique workflow have been the key to success.

Curious? Join the presentation on the 25th of May at the WoodWing Xperience in Amsterdam and 'Be part of it!'.
Not attending but still curious? Contact us!

More information about the WoodWing Xperience, visit their website.